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Education PR: Not just the poor relative

Award winning STEM PR (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) campaignSTOP PRESS: In November 2017, this campaign won a CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) Midlands PRide award for the Best STEM campaign.

Brief: In 2016, 53% of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) businesses
anticipated difficulty recruiting skilled workers. It’s not surprising when the default portrayal of manufacturing is dark, dirty and male dominated. 

Education PR | Apprenticeships | recruitment PR

FTSE250 listed engineering company Renishaw is the largest private employer in Gloucestershire and its 124 apprentices are an essential part of its operations. In 2016/17, the company was recruiting for a record 45 apprentices across four schemes in
Gloucestershire and South Wales, with applications closing in March 2017. 

  • Increase applications to Renishaw’s general and software apprenticeship schemes by 15% between June 2016 and March 2017
  • Raise the profile of Renishaw’s engineering apprenticeships and education outreach programme in the same period, generating 65 clippings focussed entirely on young people, outreach and apprenticeships
  • Reinforce the value of an apprenticeship by generating eight quotes from apprentices, media and outreach partners
  • Raise the profile of Renishaw as an employer using local and trade media by generating 351 clippings in all media, one per £100 spent on PR, between June 2016 and June 2017
  • Build the brand online by generating 280 online clippings and reaching 10,000 people, gaining 100 likes across LinkedIn and Facebook from June 2017-18 (80% of total clippings should be online)
Education PR | Apprenticeships | recruitment PR
    • 17.8% increase in applications compared to 2016, (target exceeded by 2.8% - 64 additional applicants) an increase of 27% on 2015
  • 86 clippings focussed on Renishaw’s apprentices or education outreach programme (target exceeded by 32.3%)
  • Ranked in the The Raconteur’s top ten UK apprenticeships
  • Renishaw’s profile reached such a level that Theresa May and Phillip Hammond chose it’s Gloucester HQ to launch the 2017 budget 
  • 460 clippings - 87 print, 371 online (target exceeded by 31%)
  • Coverage highlights: The Financial Times, The Times, The Raconteur, Wales Online, The Engineer, The Manufacturer
  • Renishaw’s core messages reached 2,972,019 people in print media alone
  • Facebook: Stories entirely focussed on apprentices and education reached 43,695 people, were shared 513 times and generated 530 likes 

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Meet the team  Education PR | Apprenticeships | recruitment PR

Stone Junction is managed by Richard Stone, whose previous experience includes PR campaigns for Arup, AIT Plc, CIENA, Parker Hannifin, Schneider Electric, SIG, SKF, Roche and WorldCom. Well over a decade in technical and technology PR has taught him that he is only just starting out. He is a very slightly geeky father of two who lives in Stafford with his long suffering wife, aforementioned children, dog and cat.

Education PR | Apprenticeships | recruitment PR

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Education PR | Apprenticeships | recruitment PR
Education PR | Apprenticeships | recruitment PR

“GAMBICA has had a long and very successful relationship with Stone Junction. They helped us lead a campaign to raise government awareness of the National Physical laboratory and arrange a successful House of Commons breakfast briefing,” Dr Graeme Philp, Chairman of GAMBICA.

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