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Stone Junction's cleantech PR specialists have all the skills your company needs to build awareness, generate sales leads, create advocacy and develop your stakeholders' understanding of your offering.

We bring an in depth knowledge of clean technology to the party. We don't just understand application level technology - such as wind turbines or photovoltaics, we also understand what's under the bonnet – from inverters to semiconductors.

As a result, we are able to deliver a credible mix of B2B and consumer media relations as well as content PR for the cleantech and sustainable industries. Our clear understanding of the media, politics and people involved allows our clients to reach the markets they crave.

With experience spanning energy efficiency, component level technology, renewables and green IT, we are able to deliver outstanding PR services for our customers, complimented by best in class reporting and an integrated approach to communication.

Integrated cleantech PR

Cleantech is an increasingly crowded marketplace, making both media relations and content PR essential parts of the marketing mix for smart grid, wind, solar, clean water, biomass, green building, biofuels and other businesses.

We are able to help you educate your audiences, engage with them through social media and other content PR outreach strategies, develop thought leadership, create news and target your messaging.

It's this integrated approach that helps our clients stand out in their increasingly crowded markets.

If you want to read a case study on Stone Junction's clean technology PR work, this project on behalf of GAMBICA and Intellect focuses on the promotion of inverters and other component level energy saving technology to a range of audiences including C-level teams and politicians.

Stone Junction delivers joined up cleantech PR that can integrate with your other marketing initiatives. We offer writing skills that are better than best practice and we offer results. So if you are a cleantech business that wants to improve its PR and marketing, get in touch with Stone Junction today, or call +44 (0) 1785 225416.

Meet the team  Cleantech PR | PR for cleantech | Clean technology PR UK

Stone Junction is managed by Richard Stone, whose previous experience includes PR campaigns for Arup, AIT Plc, CIENA, Parker Hannifin, Schneider Electric, SIG, SKF, Roche and WorldCom. Well over a decade in technical and technology PR has taught him that he is only just starting out. He is a very slightly geeky father of two who lives in Stafford with his long suffering wife, aforementioned children and dog

Cleantech PR | PR for cleantech | Clean technology PR UK

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Cleantech PR | PR for cleantech | Clean technology PR UK


Cleantech PR | PR for cleantech | Clean technology PR UK
Cleantech PR | PR for cleantech | Clean technology PR UK

"Stone Junction has been going from strength to strength, building up its client base and championing the achievements of technical and engineering firms, some of which are in Staffordshire."
Ben Adams, Staffordshire County Council

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