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Industrial PR describes a host of communications techniques - from influencing sales of engineered components to dealing with the media element of an industrial relations campaign.

The good news is that Stone Junction is fluent in this kind of activity and more. Our clients look for return on investment from their communications activity by measuring a range of outcomes and Stone Junction has been proving itself up to the job for nearly a decade.

Our approach to industrial PR is simple; we know your markets and understand how they work. We probably also know your technology and may well have written about it before. And we know the best ways of communicating that technology. 

The techniques we apply range from feature articles and press releases to infographics, social media campaigns and blogging. The bottom line is, if it's all about words and pictures, we are all about it. 

Industrial PR, industrial strength

We deliver industrial PR campaigns that provide measurable results. This means you can report back to you board easily and demonstrate impressive outcomes. 

 Industrial PR | Industrial Public Relations | Industrial Marketing

Julia Angerer of COPA-DATA

But don't take our word for it. Listen to our clients, for instance Julia Angerer of COPA-DATA who said:

"The markets we operate in and the language we use are very technical and it needs a lot of know-how, training and research to get messages across. 

"Within a very short period of time, Richard and his team drafted a PR campaign which ideally supports our corporate and product communication in the UK.

"It’s great fun to work with them and I’m excited about what’s coming up next." 

So, if your objective is to create an industrial PR campaign that genuinely meets your objectives in terms of both outcomes and outputs, get in touch with Stone Junction today.

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Zafar is a technological savvy business graduate with an MBA in international business and a bachelor's degree in business IT. He's worked in the public sector as a money advisor and spent time as an analyst in developing a commercial hybrid vehicle for Tesco. He's also worked in a busy marketing department where his fluency in Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi was handy. His passion for photography and new tech is rooted in his thirst for knowledge... he is a thirsty sponge.

Industrial PR | Industrial Public Relations | Industrial

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Industrial PR | Industrial Public Relations | Industrial Marketing


Industrial PR | Industrial Public Relations | Industrial
Industrial PR | Industrial Public Relations | Industrial

"Stone Junction has significantly raised our profile in a number of key areas against our objectives as well as generating leads,"
Clive Jones, Managing director, Global Heat Transfer

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