Stone Junction - technology PR
Richard is a technology PR consultant

Richard Stone, CHART.PR, MCIPR 

Managing Director

Stone Junction is managed by Richard Stone, a chartered member of the CIPR whose previous experience includes campaigns for Arup, AIT Plc, CIENA, Parker Hannifin, Schneider Electric, SIG, SKF, Roche and WorldCom.

Seventeen years in technical and technology PR has taught him that he is only just starting out. 

He is a very slightly geeky father of two who lives in Stafford with his long suffering wife, aforementioned children, dog and cat.
Richard likes talking about books, sci-fi and Liverpool FC. Often to himself.  

e-mail or tweet him using @RichieStone

Zaf is a technology PR consultant

Zafar JamAti, BSc, MBA,, MCIPR 

Head of Content

Zafar is a chartered member of the CIPR and joined Stone Junction in 2013. He specialises in longform content such as books, whitepapers and case studies in areas including advanced manufacturing, clean technology and smart devices.
With a BSc in information technology and an MBA in international business, Zafar wants to change the way people think about tech. 

He also speaks Urdu and Punjabi and enjoys collecting vintage watches.

e-mail or tweet him on @StoneJunctionZ

Jess is a technology PR consultant

Jessica Phillips, MCIPR ACCREDITED

Junior Account Manager

As well as being a media relations and copywriting expert, Jess specialises in social media. She works on a range of award winning multinational accounts including FTSE listed Renishaw, UK manufacturer Cressall and EU Automation.

Jess is an accredited member of the CIPR and holds a Dual Honours in Media, Communications and Culture and Psychology.

Jess is unreachable in summer after 9pm, due to an unhealthy obsession with the TV show, Love Island.

e-mail her on or tweet her on @JessPhillips134

Laura is a technology PR consultant

laura england, MCIPR Accredited

Junior Account Manager

Delivering technical campaigns in the UK, Europe and North America, Laura specialises in media relations, SEO and digital PR for businesses in the science and engineering space. 

With several award-winning campaigns under her belt, Laura manages one of Stone Junction’s account groups, which includes multinational clients; the Graphene Flagship, EU Automation and TM Robotics.

Outside of work, Laura’s a rum enthusiast, gym bunny and Olympic lifting novice — she can probably outdrink and outlift you.

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T-Rod is a technology PR consultant

Thomas Roden, MCIPR ACCredited

Junior Account Manager

Thomas took his first steps towards a career in PR by studying Music Journalism and Broadcasting at Staffordshire University. 

With a passion for writing and a fascination with video, it seemed like a perfect fit.

While studying he briefly worked as a PR Officer for the Douglas Macmillan Hospice, which sparked a love affair with the world of PR.

Thomas is a new music lover, media fanatic and registered technophile. But his true love, above all else, is koalas.

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Leah is a technology PR consultant

Leah Elston-Thompson, BSc, MCIPR Accredited

Junior Account Manager

Leah studied Natural Sciences at the University of Birmingham, specialising in microbiology and infectious disease. 

During her time there she completed  laboratory research projects on drug development.

Leah has always been interested in science, but as a lover of writing she was keen to put her scientific skills to use outside the lab through technical PR. 

Leah likes korfball, an unusual Dutch sport that can only be described as a mixture of basketball and netball. 

e-mail her on or tweet her on @leahet

Jade is a technology PR consultant


Junior Account Manager

After achieving a first-class degree in Events Management, Jade spent three years working for a marketing agency in Canada.

Prior to her trip across the Atlantic, she also worked for the PDSA and Harper Adams University.

After returning to home soil, she joined Stone Junction to bolster its events and international PR functions.

In her own time, she enjoys walking her beloved dog, Karla, and watching nearly any sport, particularly baseball and basketball – Go Blue Jays!

e-mail her on or tweet her on @JadeyPops24.

Carla is a technology PR consultant

Carla Mateus, BSc

Senior Account executive

A former SAS programmer, before joining Stone Junction, Carla worked for a global pharmaceutical company, analysing clinical trial data of  medical breakthroughs,  gaining valuable experience in science and technology.

Carla graduated with first class honours in Biological Sciences from Keele University.

Her STEM background helps Carla create engaging content for campaigns dealing with  advanced products and materials.

Carla has a twin brother and is half-Portuguese. She visits Portugal regularly to eat custard tarts.

e-mail her on or tweet her on @CarlasBrain.

Chris is a technology PR consultant

Chris Brown, MCIPR

Account Director

A former journalist, Chris moved to the dark-side of PR in 2008. During his career he has worked across a wealth of sectors, including professional services, leisure and tourism, healthcare, arts and culture, and engineering.

Chris is a keen supporter of SMEs, having delivered training and workshops on behalf of Google, Birmingham City Council and Enterprise Nation. He has even been to 10 Downing Street to discuss Government support for small businesses.

When he’s not at work, Chris is editor of culture guide Polaroids and Polar Bears.

e-mail him on or tweet him on @PipeDownMrBrown.

Alison is a technology PR consultant

Alison Gardner

Senior Account executive

Budding bilingual Alison Gardner studied and worked in Spain for a year and graduated from Lancaster University with a BA in Spanish.

Alison joined Stone Junction to help deliver international press coverage for Stone Junction's clients. She became interested in PR after being part of the publicity team at university.

Alison is a self-confessed Disney fanatic and she knows all the songs in English and Spanish. She also likes to travel, cook and sing, sometimes all at once.

e-mail her on or tweet her on @aleejgardner.

Duncan is a technology PR consultant

Duncan Singer, Beng, 

Account Executive

Bilingual engineering graduate, Duncan  grew up in Italy before embarking on his degree in chemical engineering.

Coming from a highly technical background, Duncan enjoys being able to let his more creative side loose. His desire to use his Italian drove him to seek out his role at Stone Junction.

Duncan enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, playing rugby and going to the gym. He also has a keen interest verging on addiction to buying books from Waterstones.

e-mail him on or tweet him on @DuncanSinger.

Courtney is a technology PR consultant

Courtney Cowperthwaite

Account Executive

With a year in Paris, and French and English degree under her belt, Courtney’s love of French culture helps her to deliver international results to Stone Junction’s client base.

Her language skills and passion for writing expert content make her an engaging and creative team member for both clients and colleagues alike. 

Outside work, Courtney loves nothing more than taking her dog for country walks or reading a Jane Austen novel!

e-mail her on or tweet her on @courtneyrhiac.

Francesca is a technology PR consultant

Francesca Avigo

Account Executive

Francesca is a graduate from Staffordshire University, where she studied Music Journalism and Broadcasting. Her interest in PR was sparked during a placement at another midlands PR agency, after which she took the reigns as head of the media relations team in the 2018 Staffordshire University Future Journalist competition.  

Francesca is half Italian and has visited Italy every year since she was eight. She is obsessed with anything animal print and likes nothing more than eating unhealthy amounts of pasta, drinking Prosecco and cuddling her cats. 

e-mail her on or tweet her on @francescaCavigo.

Monia is a technology PR consultant

DR Monia Dal Checco

Account Executive

Monia has a background in foreign languages and holds a Ph.D. in Linguistics, Philological and Literary Sciences from the University of Padua, Italy. Before joining Stone Junction, she has worked as an Italian teacher in Germany and as an English teacher in Italy. She relocated from Italy to join Stone Junction and will be helping the company deliver international content in Italian, German and English. 

Outside work, she loves solo travelling, horse riding, and spending time with any kind of pets. To prevent missing home, she also loves cooking Italian food. 

e-mail her on or tweet her on @Monia_DalChecco.

Lorna is a technology PR consultant

Lorna Wilde

Account Executive

Lorna spent her early career travelling around the world working as an operations and entertainment manager, before returning home to study  events management. 

With experience creating relevant and profitable pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns in previous roles, Lorna’s background in B2B marketing has enabled a seamless transition to the world of technical PR. 

Outside work, you will find Lorna playing video games, reading a book or falling off a climbing wall.

e-mail her on or tweet her on @Wilde_Lorna.

Alex is a technology PR consultant

Alex Manford

Senior Content Specialist

Alex has worked with blue chip clients across a range of industrial manufacturing sectors as a PR and marketing specialist, copywriter and as a journalist since 2005. 

Most recently, he was acting chief editor of MPT International magazine, a leading technical journal based in Germany. 

He has built a reputation for producing outstanding technical  B2B content and arranging media visits in Europe, particularly in Scandinavia. 

Outside of work, Alex enjoys drinking real ales, reading books and travelling abroad to music events.

e-mail him on or tweet him on @Alex_Manford.

Martin is a technology PR consultant

Martin Smith

Account executive

Physics aficionado Martin Smith graduated from Keele University with a degree in Astrophysics with Music Technology.

 Martin looks to flex both the scientific and creative parts of his degree at Stone Junction, blending the range of knowledge astrophysics brings with the cooky creativity of music.

Most likely to be found either in the bath or halfway up some windswept crag in the peaks.

Go to for: Rubik’s cubing and awkward pauses.

e-mail him on or tweet him on @mardynsmith.

Patrick is a technology PR consultant

Patrick Ball

Account executive

Patrick holds a Masters degree in Chemistry and joins the Stone Junction team fresh from writing up his PhD thesis on the topic of drug delivery systems for use in cancer prodrug therapy.

Patrick has always had a passion for scientific subjects and enjoys sharing this passion with others and plans to do so through the world of scientific PR.

Patrick’s personal time is split between his love of Warhammer and being a father to a wonderful baby girl.

e-mail him on or tweet him on @pball92.

Martin is a technology PR consultant

Martin Deakin

Account executive

After spending four years serving as a Borough Councillor on Cheshire East Council, Martin swapped local government for the world of STEM PR, where his accumulated experience working with journalists and media outlets could benefit international industry. 

With a degree in Politics and International Relations at Keele University, Martin has a knack for effective communication across a wide range of audiences.

In his spare time, Martin can be found running, flying vintage aircrafts or supporting Stoke City FC!  

e-mail him on or tweet him on @martin_deakin.

Stephanie is a technology PR consultant

Stephanie Wood

Account executive

Following a year in industry at a Munich-based technical PR firm, Stephie joined Stone Junction to bolster the company’s international offering — delivering a wealth of media knowledge for pan-European campaigns. 

With a degree in graphic and communication design, Stephie’s varied background allows her to provide creative flair to technical campaigns.

In her spare time, you will find her  running, taking photos or tending to her growing cacti collection.  

e-mail her on or tweet her on @stephieewood.

Natasha is a technology PR consultant

Natasha Bodger

Marketing executive

A published writer, Tasha moved into social media and marketing in 2017, establishing herself as an online content creator for a consumer technology brand.

Having studied creative writing at university, followed by a master’s degree in media content development, Tasha’s love for the written word is the driving force behind her move to agency marketing. 

If her nose isn’t deep in a Stephen King novel, you’ll find her scrolling social media — it is her job after all.

e-mail her on or tweet her on @tasha_bodger.

Maggie is a technology PR consultant

Maggie Morrissey

PR Consultant

Maggie began her career in PR more than 20 years ago (although she says it doesn’t feel that long) and has worked with a host of organisations from global industry leaders to innovative start-ups. 

With experience of the public sector, not-for-profits,and freelance consulting, she brings with her a wide range of skills and a proven track record.  

Outside work, she can often be found in her ‘happy place’ the kitchen – cooking up a storm for her family and friends! 

e-mail her on or tweet her on @MMPR_Staffs.

Bryony is a technology PR consultant

Bryony Black

Senior account executive

Former journalist Bryony made the move into PR following a stint as a magazine editor. She later joined Alton Towers where she terrified journalists during Scarefest and spent lunch breaks riding roller coasters. 

With a degree in English Literature and Journalism, Bryony has more recently been working in a successful in-house PR team at a national children’s disability charity.

Bryony is a married mum of two. When she isn’t chasing around after her children, she enjoys mountain biking — just not up hills. She also likes gin – a lot!

e-mail her on or tweet her on @bryonyblack.

Alessio is a technology PR consultant

Alessio Spaccasassi

Account executive

With a BEng from the University of Birmingham and an MSc from the University of Edinburgh, Alessio specialises in computer systems and the role of technology in society.

He uses his multilingual background to aid the success of pan-European PR campaigns.

After office hours, you can find Alessio in used bookstores on the hunt  for old copies of science fiction novels and antiques. He also makes a remarkable carbonara.

e-mail him on or tweet him on @alex_stonebreak.