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Everyone knows that business podcasting is out of fashion, right? No one listens to podcasts anymore and hasn't since 2006. Video is where it's at.

Well, video is amazing, you can see how much we love it here, but don't write off the humble podcast. Since 2006, awareness of Podcasting has grown by 105% according to Edison Research. Similarly, the percentage of consumers that have listened to an audio podcast has grown by 163% - up from 11% in 2006 to 29% in 2012.

Part of the reason is that Smartphones are now ubiquitous. This creates more opportunities to listen to podcasts in your car, while walking, going to the gym or generally just getting on with your day.

The percentage of Smartphone users that have listened to an audio bulletin in their car grew by 100% in 2011. Apps for listening to Podcasts outside iTunes are easily available and free, so this number is going to grow and grow.

Business podcasting

iTunes' top ten business podcasts are made up nearly exclusively of radio shows at the moment – with only one independently produced recording sitting in the top ten. But don't let that stop you incorporating podcasting into either your content PR campaign or into the outreach of a media relations project.

The reason the top ten looks like that is that there are hundreds of thousands of downloads per week at the top end of the list. There are still tens of thousands of downloads of each of the most popular independent business podcasts, making them just as well-liked as a typical trade magazine in the UK.

Another huge benefit of Podcasting is that, as well as reaching their native aural audience, you can also upload the file to YouTube, Vimeo and other broadcast outlets in video form. As a result, you get all the same SEO benefits.

You can watch one of our recent podcasts on YouTube below:

So, if you still think video trumps the podcast every time, you probably need to read our page on video. But if you think podcasting could be the way forward, then get in touch or call +44 (0) 1785 225416.

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Stone Junction is managed by Richard Stone, whose previous experience includes PR campaigns for Arup, AIT Plc, CIENA, Parker Hannifin, Schneider Electric, SIG, SKF, Roche and WorldCom. Well over a decade in technical and technology PR has taught him that he is only just starting out. He is a very slightly geeky father of two who lives in Stafford with his long suffering wife, aforementioned children, dog and cat.

Podcast production | Business podcasts | Business

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Podcast production | Business podcasts | Business


Podcast production | Business podcasts | Business
Podcast production | Business podcasts | Business

"Stone Junction has been going from strength to strength, building up its client base and championing the achievements of technical and engineering firms, some of which are in Staffordshire."
Ben Adams, Staffordshire County Council

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