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PR Firm | Technical PR agency | Technical PR firmTechnical PR agency, Stone Junction provides the tactics and techniques to drive sales and lead public opinion. We influence your stakeholders using the right media at the right time. We change minds.

Stone Junction is a progressive, Midlands based, UK PR consultancy providing technical PR services to the engineering technology, technology and B2B sectors. We believe we are at a junction in the history of marketing communications. The use of social and digital media means PR is more influential in the marketing mix than ever before. Yet its function is still changing, leaving the uninitiated behind.

In the PR industry, addressing the trade, regional, local and national media is still as important as ever. But the influence of the digital media and social media is now persuasive. If you aren't taking advantage of it already, you are now falling behind.

As a result, our tactics include more than just the traditional press release. We offer public and media relations, brand journalism, social media, blog posts, e-mail newsletters and video production. We also provide speaker placement and speech writing, SEO for engineering and technical companies, copywriting, production of direct to customer content such as white papers and podcasts, design for print and the Web and advertising planning. These tactics can be deployed separately or as part of an overarching technical PR or engineering communications campaign.

PR Firm | Technical PR agency | Technical PR firmBut the bottom line is we deliver the long term results needed to achieve your goals, within budget and to the deadline. So, if you are still stuck at the junction, let us help. 

Want to see our result in action? Check out our PR case studies.

Send us an e-mail via or just give us a ring on +44 (0)1785 225416 to speak to our friendly public relations professionals.

The very least you will get is an enthusiastic conversation about your campaign!


Here at Stone Junction we have a bit of a love/hate relationship with company values. This is mainly because most companies only pay lip service to their values; they are basically the text of a page on the web site that no one ever visits.

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  • PR award | DARE award | PRCA award
  • PR awards | Excellence awards | CIPR awards
  • PR awards | DARE Grand Prix awards | PRCA awards
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  • PR awards | DARE awards | PRCA awards
  • PR awards | Excellence awards | CIPR awards
  • PR awards | PRIDE awards | CIPR awards
  • PR award | DARE award | PRCA award
  • PR award | PRIDE award | CIPR award