Education PR: Not just the poor relative

STOP PRESS: In November 2017, this campaign won a CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) Midlands PRide award for the Best STEM campaign.Education PR | Apprenticeships | Recruitment PR

Brief: In 2016, 53% of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) businesses
anticipated difficulty recruiting skilled workers. It’s not surprising when the default portrayal of manufacturing is dark, dirty and male dominated. 

Education PR | Apprenticeships | Recruitment PRFTSE250 listed engineering company Renishaw is the largest private employer in Gloucestershire and its 124 apprentices are an essential part of its operations. In 2016/17, the company was recruiting for a record 45 apprentices across four schemes in
Gloucestershire and South Wales, with applications closing in March 2017. 


  • Increase applications to Renishaw’s general and software apprenticeship schemes by 15% between June 2016 and March 2017
  • Raise the profile of Renishaw’s engineering apprenticeships and education outreach programme in the same period, generating 65 clippings focussed entirely on young people, outreach and apprenticeships
  • Reinforce the value of an apprenticeship by generating eight quotes from apprentices, media and outreach partners
  • Raise the profile of Renishaw as an employer using local and trade media by generating 351 clippings in all media, one per £100 spent on PR, between June 2016 and June 2017
  • Build the brand online by generating 280 online clippings and reaching 10,000 people, gaining 100 likes across LinkedIn and Facebook from June 2017-18 (80% of total clippings should be online)

Education PR | Apprenticeships | Recruitment PRResults: 

  • 17.8% increase in applications compared to 2016, (target exceeded by 2.8% - 64 additional applicants) an increase of 27% on 2015
  • 86 clippings focussed on Renishaw’s apprentices or education outreach programme (target exceeded by 32.3%)
  • Ranked in The Raconteur’s top ten UK apprenticeships
  • Renishaw’s profile reached such a level that Theresa May and Phillip Hammond chose it’s Gloucester HQ to launch the 2017 budget 
  • 460 clippings - 87 print, 371 online (target exceeded by 31%)
  • Coverage highlights: The Financial Times, The Times, The Raconteur, Wales Online, The Engineer, The Manufacturer
  • Renishaw’s core messages reached 2,972,019 people in print media alone
  • Facebook: Stories entirely focussed on apprentices and education reached 43,695 people, were shared 513 times and generated 530 likes 

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