Email marketing | Technical, industrial and engineering e-mailsEmail marketing is a key part of ensuring that your content marketing and content PR processes are working in tandem with your other marketing tactics. This is particularly useful for integrating all your marketing and PR tactics into your marketing automation system.

Stone Junction uses a number of enterprise-class email marketing software packages that can integrate directly with major CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) including, Zoho, Sugar and Microsoft Dynamics, as well as systems such as Intuit's popular QuickBooks software.

Your e-mail marketing campaign could take multiple forms, from sales focussed e-blasts to engagement newsletters or from RSS driven blog posts to HTML email distribution campaigns.

And we can use bespoke follow-up content to help guide your prospects further down the sales funnel, depending on what action they have taken in response to the original e-mail - clicking, opening or downloading content.

But it's not really the technical details that set us apart, it's our ability to craft the right message to sell your business to its e-mail audience and achieve your objectives - whether they are focussed on sales or positioning.

Email marketing results

Once your email has been delivered, we provide enterprise-class reporting, either in a discrete document or directly into a compatible CRM.

Technical, industrial and engineering e-mailsWe find that the biggest benefit comes when email marketing is used in tandem with other Stone Junction services, such as PR or blogging. This creates a comprehensive content PR campaign that generates bottom-line impact.

But once you have the technical details resolved and the content planned, who do you actually send your campaign to? Stone Junction can help there as well, by providing e-mail cleansing services that eliminate the email addresses in your database that are likely to bounce, or who are known to be unlikely to respond to email, before we send the message out. This reduces your bounce and complaint rates dramatically, keeping your data clean and your customers engaged.

So, if you want to build email marketing into your campaign or have it stand alone, contact Stone Junction or call us on 01785 225416 to discuss how we can help.

contact us or call +44 (0) 1785 225416.
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