Billions of lives have been reshaped by the mobile phone. We carry them everywhere. They’ve become our maps, music players, games consoles, calculators and more. Now our phones have more features than ever, are we forgetting their humble beginnings as a communication tool?

By Leah Elston-Thompson, senior account executive

The phone’s main competitor, e-mail, was invented in 1972 and has since cemented its place as an important business communication tool. Quick, clear and easy to use, e-mail is often the method of choice for professionals that need to share information.

But, effective communication is about more than just sharing information. It’s also about relationship building, empathy, ideas generation and much more.

A quick call
A phone call is a more natural method of communication than writing. Over the phone, both parties can interpret the other’s meaning from their tone, intonations and the context of what’s being said, which leaves communication less at risk of a misunderstanding. Speaking openly in this way is also a great tool for relationship building and will make you more memorable.

You’re more likely to gain valuable additional information from a call, compared to an e-mail. We often find it is the “oh, by the way…” conversations we have with clients that give us much more insight, which helps us with new, innovative ideas.

Sending an e-mail might seem like a form of instant communication, but if you need an answer immediately, a phone call is more likely to deliver the desired result. If you get no answer, you can always leave a voicemail. This way you are less likely to get lost amongst the many e-mails your contact receives in a day.

At Stone Junction, we value our business relationships. That’s why we call our clients at least once a week and speak to journalists every day. To get the most out of a business relationship, don’t just resort to e-mail, pick up the phone.

If you’re looking for a PR agency that understands how to build relationships with clients and the media, give us a call on 01785 225 416.

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