Taste the rainbow, what’s the worst that could happen? For everything else, there is Mastercard. Getting the balance right and making your advertising work for your brand is key for any business. Design, messaging and media channel need to work in harmony to form part of an effective advertising campaign.

By Carla Stanton, graphic designer

Often, companies focus on how much they are spending and neglect the research and creative aspect of advertising. The most important thing to focus on is your campaign message, target audience and an eye-catching design to set you apart from your competition. A memorable tagline might also help. 

Consistent messaging is a proven way to help audiences engage with your brand, so you need to ensure the advertisement delivers the correct message for your company in a simple and attractive way. Spending time on a little creativity can really pay off.

If you are designing your own ad, you should stick to showing your own USPs to stand out from competitors, rather than running with a similar promise to other brands. This helps your ad have a stronger and longer-lasting impact.  A carefully considered call to action can be of real benefit. 

Visual elements should also be used to your advantage, including fonts, logos, colour schemes and mascots that keep your brand recognisable and eye-catching. Keeping it simple and less cluttered also helps, because you need to have the audience engaged within 2–3 seconds.

Research and supporting data can be very useful to guide your decision making. Different platforms offer different ad packages, so it is beneficial to use this to your advantage and integrate ads across online and print platforms. It is a good way of giving users consistent messaging in a creative and unique way suited for each of the platforms. There are a multitude of options available with ads running online in hourly, weekly or monthly schedules or a static option both printed and digitally. 

It is important to remember to set yourself a budget so as not to overspend – especially if a campaign doesn’t deliver the desired results. It is a good idea to monitor and check where conversions are taking place rather than just looking at the level of engagement.

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