If you’re new to advertising on Google, searching for ‘AdWords’ will automatically take you to the AdWords Express landing page.  So, what’s the difference between AdWords Express and regular AdWords?

‘Express’ sounds great. It implies it’s easier and quicker than the alternative. However, there are some important features missing from using this wizard, when compared to traditional AdWords.

AdWords Express was designed specifically for small, local businesses whose teams have limited capacity for managing advertising efforts. With AdWords Express, Google fully automates the management of your paid search account, which may be great for some businesses, but this does take away a huge amount of control.

So, how do you know if you’ve accidentally landed in the AdWords Express abyss? Check your URL. If it contains ‘express’, you’re in it. Fear not though. If you click ‘Experienced with Google Ads?’, you’ll be taken to the main Google AdWords portal. It’s important to take this step during the set-up process to get the most control out of the campaign set up.

What AdWords Express is lacking, is the ability to specify key demographics for your ads, based on age, gender and interests. You’re only able to choose locations such as ‘UK’ or ‘Stafford’ which isn’t really specific enough if you want to maximize conversions.

For example, if your business supplies enterprise software to manufacturing businesses in the UK, you’d be better off targeting people interested in IT software or business technology, rather than those in a random location.

There are plenty more additional features that Google AdWords offers, over the quick and easy AdWords Express set-up. If you’d like to know more, or need help setting up your own AdWords, call me on +44 (0) 1785 225416, or e-mail

Carla Mateus, senior account executive at Stone Junction
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