Awards - everyone gets them for something. From picking up best actor at the Oscars to winning a Nobel Prize for discovering why woodpeckers don’t get headaches, there’s a plethora of accolades out there. So why is it that so many business owners shy away from entering? In this post we set out to discus five of the most important IT awards you should consider aiming for. 

By Andy Copland

• IT Service Excellence Awards – This award is for in-house and outsourced service desks with accolades given for ‘Best Service Desk’ and ‘Best Managed Service Desk’. Entrants bidding for the £1000 cash prize must submit a 350-500 word piece with supporting documents. Easy peasy!

Furthermore, a ‘Best Vendor – Customer Service’ award was also up for grabs. This award is available to companies nominated by customers, with £500 going to the charity of your choice.

• Technology Innovation Awards – Organized by the Wall Street Journal, it's aim is to recognise technological innovation in areas ranging from medicine to wireless communications. Entrants should note that in order to be considered your innovation should go beyond marginal improvements in existing products and services.  The submission deadline is 2014/05/18.

• The UK IT Industry Awards – This particular award focuses on companies, individuals and technologies that have excelled in the use and deployment of IT in the past twelve months. There are 23 categories grouped into four larger Sections: Individual Excellence, Organisational Excellence, Technology Excellence and Project Excellence.

• IET Innovation Awards – Whilst there are fifteen categories available, four can be considered as IT specific: Information Technology, Emerging Technology, Software in design and Telecommunications.
For this award applications must be submitted online with a description of the company's specific innovation, a high resolution image and supporting documents. Each company can enter a maximum of three categories by the end of July, 2014.

• Network Computing Awards – If you are interested in taking one of the Network Computing trophies home, then your first task is to decide which one of the 24 categories to enter! Are you a strong contender for Server of the Year, Company of the Year or Testing and Monitoring Specialist Award?

We hope our suggestions entice some of you to make this brave step and aim for a shiny new trophy in the new year. If you still feel you need a helping hand however, just call our in-house awards expert Oana on 01785 225 416 or e-mail her at   

Best of luck!

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