Whether you see April 1 as a chance to wind up your relatives, or you’re a bit like me and can’t really see the point, there’s no denying some brands have been particularly creative this year! Here are some of the top 2019 April Fools, as collated by PRWeek and summarised for you by Stone Junction new client strategist, Kirsty McMahon. 

Mr Avo Head
Hasbro announced childhood favourite, Mr Potato Head had been shelved in favour of a hip(ster) alternative, Mr Avo Head. With his man bun, styled beard and skinny jeans he’s billed as the new, interchangeable face of Hasbro.

Stamping on Brexit
Truly amazing Brexit first and second-class stamps have been designed by Isobel. They feature the PM and other Brexit players looking as bemused as we all feel. This is one I wish was real, I’d definitely be starting a stamp collection.

No straight white men allowed
Metro unveiled a ban on straight white males in its comment section to appease the “anti-straight-white-male movement”. An April Fool I’m sure Captain Marvel star, Brie Larson probably had a smile at following the backlash she received about her inaugural superhero outing.

Hat-fishing is not your biggest Tinder problem
Tinder took an amusing step to play on its image-conscious dating technology by announcing height-fishing technology. It demanded a photograph beside any commercial building be uploaded to the site to verify height for users put off by those who are too tall or short. Taking the issue of hat-fishing, where people appear more attractive when wearing a hat (it’s true, I’m wearing one now and I look fabulous) to the next level.

Read PRWeek’s full round up of this year’s best efforts here.

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