There’s a really interesting post over on Green Banana this morning about the role that PR plays in industry and the role that academia plays in preparing PR consultants for their careers.

I think this is particularly pertinent for those of us involved in technical PR, where ‘on the job learning’ and ‘craft’ are both valued much more highly than PR theory. In fact, there’s a strong view in much of industry that you should just get a former trade press editor to do the job for you. 

Now, I’m certainly not averse to journalists applying their skills in the PR sector. I would go as far as saying that my utopian small technical PR team contains a former journalist. But I can honestly say that the very best consultants combine many of the skills of a journalist with knowledge and abilities that simply can’t be picked up anywhere other than in the world of PR. 

One of the questions that Green Banana asks very eloquently is, ‘where do these skills come from?’ What role should academia play in providing them? It’s well worth a read. 

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