Blogging as part of an industrial PRcampaign can be a time consuming activity if you let it! However, it can also be hugely beneficial for SEO and direct to customer communication. And you can learn a fair bit about your industry; they do say that ten minutes research on any subject a day will make people perceive you to be an expert inside a year!

A great way of reducing the amount of time you spend Blogging while achieving the same net effect is to learn a few simple keyboard shortcuts. Here's a great list of some that work in Blogger, but there are equivalents in Wordpress, Typepad and most of the other major platforms. If you can master these, you will find pretty quickly that you are shaving five or ten minutes off each Blog you post.

PS – I’m writing this entry in London’s IoD, where I’m not a member. However, I’ve just been provided with a password and access code for their wireless broadband by an anonymous member who heard me chatting to the receptionist. The generosity of people in business never ceases to amaze me.

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