If, like many other technical or engineering companies, you have decided to embrace Blogging, there are a few key things you should expect your Blog to help you achieve.

In order to make the most of your Blog’s potential, follow these few key points: 

1. Subscribe: make sure you have a visible button at the end of each post inviting people to subscribe and follow your blog. This way you make things easier for all those who want to receive your news and articles. Without the ‘subscribe’ feature, you may end up losing visitors that are interested, because they don’t know how to receive notifications via e-mail or RSS. You can also put the subscribe function in your sidebar and on a dedicated page. On your e-mail signature, on your invoices, on a sandwich board... ;-) 

2. Social media integration: Blogger (other platforms are available) offers an array of possibilities for you to disseminate your message via multiple social channels. This wonderful tool can be used to update all media outlets at once and let your audience what you’re up to. (Remember not to use it as a spamming tool though.)

3. Think SEO: since Google has intensified its focus on removing low quality web-content from its results and introduced Google Social Search, everything about your blog should be done with the aim of optimising your page for search engine. Google loves Blogs. 

4. Embedded links: A key method of improving Blog SEO is to embed links in your body copy. However, make sure these are relevant to your topic and, like with anything else in social media, don’t overdo it.

5. Keep it simple: As people often browse Blogs over their morning coffee and biscuit, the emphasis should be on simplicity. A straightforward and easy to navigate Blog will keep visitors coming back every time you post something. 

If you would like to learn more about Blogging and social media give Stone Junction a call. We love it and are happy to share the passion!

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