You may have heard the phrase, ‘content is king’. In fact, you may have heard it a few thousand times, it’s up there on my list of things one should never say alongside ‘leverage, ‘solutions’, ‘blue sky thinking’ and ‘out of the box’.

By Richard Stone 

That said, ‘content is king’ does mean something tangible. It means that if you aren’t already investing in web content as the key part of your marketing mix, you have probably left it too late.

I find this fascinating, because when I first started overusing the phrase, in 2001, there was plenty of time to invest in content and put your business ahead of the game. Strangely, lots of companies managed to hold back on their efforts while they ‘got their ducks in a row’.

Needless to say, the whole ducks thing is also very high on my list of phrases thou shalt not utter.
So, let’s presume you haven’t already invested in content. What should you do? Here are four ideas you could work on – or even hire us to do for you!

Blogging: My favourite content technique is also the most simple. An engaging and diverse blog allows you to communicate with your customers in a language that’s less formal than you normally use. You can even be funny. If you can be funny that is. Here’s a good example that we produce for one of our existing clients.

White papers: The word white paper is also high on my list, but the concept is still one of the most marketable in town. Call them what you will, the white paper, guide, handbook or ready reckoner is a great way of attracting customers and a key part of the content PR cycle.

Want to see some examples we’ve done recently? E-mail We’ll say hello back and we’ll send you some white papers as well.

Podcasting: Another of my personal favourites, the number of Podcast listeners has been growing steadily since the concept became popular in the early noughties and it’s now huge. You can hear a sample Podcast we produced on behalf of the NHS here.

Plain old adding pages to your web site: An oldie, but a goldie. See how much new content one of our clients is able to add to their web site just by allowing us to upload every online press clipping we produce for them here. If you are existing client of Stone Junction that doesn't have this as part of your service, you are insane not to!

And that’s before we even touch on social media or video. So, if you don’t believe us when we say content is king, check out this article over on Marketing Mavens. They agree and they haven’t used too many of my banned phrases.

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