In May 2002, Dianne Thompson, former chief executive of Camelot, organisers of the National lottery, stated that players had virtually no chance of scooping the jackpot. In fact, according to The Mirror, she assured the millions of hopefuls that play each week that they would be lucky to take home a tenner. 

Statistically, you are more likely to be killed by a vending machine than win the lottery – yes, really. However, the fact is that Thompson clearly didn’t understand the cornerstone message of her business, which, in my opinion, is hope and optimism.

By Richard Stone

For successful marketing and public relations agencies, the ultimate goal is to look at the heart of a business and create ideas to fit its cornerstone message. The fundamental problem is that not all agencies follow this rule. 

With a team of creative people, it is easy to pick up one or two things about a client before an explosion of creative PR ideas throws all order off the table. The problem is that by doing this, even the most fundamental cornerstone message can be off-key.

There is only one real way to understand your clients. You have to 'get' their industries and above all, 'get' their company culture. This kind of understanding is not something that appears overnight or with the signing of a new business deal; it takes time and effort. 

One thing we don’t do as an agency is base our PR ideas for clients on our own cornerstone message. We base them on the clients’ cornerstone message. And that’s exactly how things should be, because a PR agency should play the role of an outsourced PR department. One of Stone Junction’s key beliefs is that the cornerstone ideas and tactics in your PR campaign should be things you would do anyway, even if you were not planning any marketing or PR. They should be tactics that make business sense, not superficial stunts.

The combination of great PR knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of your company culture is ultimately what splits the good from the bad, at least when it comes to PR campaigns.


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