Your business card isn't normally the first image of your company a potential client is presented with anymore. More often than not, they have already seen your online press coverage, you Web site, your Blog and your social media profiles. But it is still important, and can have a big impact if you are creative with your design.

So here are a couple of ideas to get your going: 

- Print a different image on the back of every single card for the same price as printing the same image. That’s right, I don’t know how they afford it but this card printing company will allow you have a mountain of different images on the reverse of your cards. Why not add different products, ready reckoners, staff profiles or service details? It would definitely be a talking point. 

- Have a look at these ideas for interesting visuals, from the Creative Bits Web site

- Add your social media details, a map, prices or something relevant to your industry to the reverse of the card. I used to have a quick guide to talking to the media on the reverse of my own cards. 

- And above all, don’t forget the essentials, like your telephone, mobile, e-mail and address details. If you are in a sales or marketing role, a photo is nice as well, if there’s space. 

So, next time you need business cards don’t complain that they have to be dull. They don’t! 

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