Over the weekend, 300,000 people signed a petition to reverse the most recent changes to popular messaging app, Snapchat. The redesign aimed to make the app more personal, with friends' content appearing on one page, and everything posted by publishers on another. 

By Jessica Phillips, senior account executive. 

Millennials might feel like they will never get used to the new version of Snapchat but, as we have seen before on social media, redesigns usually work out for the best.

Facebook Live

In 2016, Facebook introduced the ability to stream live video from anywhere in the world. The main benefit of Facebook Live is the real-time engagement it allows for with fans, customers and followers. Use Facebook Live to answer your customers’ questions instantaneously by streaming webinars, conferences and even live events.


Twitter character count

Recently, Twitter doubled its allowed character limit from 140 to 280, meaning that users can now start a dialogue with their audience. Instead of having to send a vague, general message, users can make thought-leading statements and interact with their followers properly.

The increased character limit also allows users to share links to content and still have enough room to include a customised message.

Instagram shopping tags

Just like tagging your friends in photos, retailers can now tag items in their posts so that users can click through to their shop page. The feature is already being used by most big brands and it’s definitely worth looking into for any online retailer.

Right now, we might be willing Snapchat to reverse its recent changes, but in a few weeks it’s likely that we won’t remember the previous version. To get the most out of any social media channel, we need to embrace change.

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