Facebook has added some new, really cool, functionality to Facebook Pages today. At the moment, the shiny new functionality is optional, but from March 1 it will be applied automatically, so you may as well prepare for it now and upgrade straight away.

The new functionality is: 

• Notifications when fans interact with your page or posts: This could get quite annoying if you have lots of fans. But at least it would put an end to events like the apocryphal Nestle/Greenpeace Facebook disaster

• A place to showcase photos along the top of your page: Just like the new version of the personal Facebook profile, this function will show a selection of your photos at the top of a page. For engineering businesses running Facebook pages this means you need to make sure you have some photos on your page to display! If you don’t, it will only show the image you use as a profile picture on the top left of your page. I would recommend adding some images and making sure the album and the photo itself is tagged in accordance with your SEO campaign. 

• A news feed for your page: You will have the option of viewing a feed of your page’s followers in the same way that you can currently view your personal profile’s friends. This will allow you to improve the level of interactivity the business itself displays and will lead to....

...The ability to Like and post on other pages as your page: Hand in hand with the inbuilt news feed goes the ability to surf Facebook using your page’s identity instead of your own. This will prove hugely useful if you want to use Facebook to raise your profile (as well as create a social media tribe). It means you can now leave a mountain of references to your company’s name, which link to your page, across Facebook. 

All in all some bountiful boons from the great god Zuckerberg this morning – we offer our thanks... 

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