Technical PR agency, Stone Junction, has announced a new contract with JBE Tjeman Plc to promote the company’s friendly bomb technology, set to be trialled in Slough this April.

The intelligent ‘water bombs’ will literally rain down a scientifically formulated liquid onto the new town, helping tackle Britain's drought issues in advance of another hot Summer. The technology is widely expected to address Slough’s reported grass growing problems, bringing substantial cow grazing advantages to the area. Another planned benefit is a substantial addition to the town’s cabbage growing industry, which could create new employment in the region.

"We're really proud of our bombs," explained Manwith Doublechin, head of engineering at JBE Tjeman. "In fact we’re confident that this project will help rejuvenate one of the nicest parts of the UK. And we are going to be very careful to avoid the town’s air-conditioned bright canteens; conscious as we are of their precious cargo of tinned fruit, tinned meat, tinned milk and tinned beans."

One of the campaign’s biggest challenges will be to quell the potential backlash from Slough’s population. Residents of the town are said to be concerned over potential damage that could be caused to the district’s polished oak desks by the shells of the water bombs. One bald young clerk, hoping to be spared, commented, “I’m planning to drive over to Maidenhead on the day of testing for a couple of drinks and a chat about sport and makes of cars.”

The campaign is set to encompass media relations, e-mail marketing, Blogging and social media outreach. "We can't wait to get started," explained Stone Junction MD Richard Stone. "In fact we are so enthusiastic we hope to have completed most of our work by lunchtime on the first of April.”

Note to editors: We have been to Slough a lot and think it’s really nice. In fact, some of our best friends live there.

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