Times they are a changing – or so said Bob Dylan in 1963. From an economic perspective times have been changing in cycle ever since. We are currently in the nadir of on an economic downturn, which tells us is that there will be an upturn soon enough. As a result, Stone Junction is offering a limited number of Sustain PR campaigns for £499.99, per month, to help you maintain a presence in the media during this slow period.

It’s inevitable that during lean times marketing budgets are cut. However, businesses that reduce investment in marketing lose customers to those that market aggressively. In history, during lean times, farmers starved rather than eat the crops they needed for the next year’s seeds. UK industry should learn from this example when considering marketing budgets.

The sensible thing to do is invest wisely. If your strategy is to maintain what you have during the downturn, then Stone Junction’s Sustain PR campaign, priced at £499.99 per month, might be exactly the cornerstone your marketing function needs.

The premise is simple, you are provided with a number of credits in exchange for your fee, which can be allocated during planning meetings to a series of PR tactics to suit to the stories your company is actually generating. There is no money wasted on non-essential activities, instead we seek to focus on only those tactics that will generate the optimum return.

“Stone Junction’s objective is to build relationships while times are hard. We hope these will then blossom when the economy returns to positive growth,” explained Richard Stone, managing director of Stone Junction. “Sustain PR will help businesses make it through to the other side in better shape as a result of maintaining a media presence. Like the rest of the economy today, Sustain PR is all about reality.”

So, if times are changing in your business, contact Richard Stone on 020 8699 7743 or e-mail to talk about Sustain PR.

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