The horror, the horror! Twitter is set to make a profit! This morning’s B2B Marketing Newsreports that Twitter is planning to sell a form of advertising, by offering promoted Tweets that will appear on Twitter’s search pages.

Twitter founder Biz Stone said the promoted Tweets will "resonate with users" and be a part of conversations. Only one Promoted Tweet will appear in each search results page. Furthermore, Stone claims that if Twitter users don’t interact with the Promoted Tweets, by replying to them, retweeting them or favouriting them, they will disappear from the search results.

The next stage is to offer promoted Tweets that will appear in your own stream, based, presumably, on data Twitter holds about you.

So, where’s the advantage to engineering businesses?

My feeling is that ultimately this, and Facebook’s advertising service, will become genuine competitors to Google’s AdWords programme. However, as things stand I’m not certain that this will be any more effective than simply Tweeting away as normal. Nevertheless, Twitter will make a profit, which means it’s here to stay. And it’s a more stable place to invest the small part of your technical PR or marketing budget that a social media campaign requires.

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