You know when you hai l'abbiocco after Christmas dinner and just before you drift off to sleep you think of a Treppenwitz. It's so annoying. You wish that you'd have said it during sobremesa because it would have really stepped up the conversation game. Do you know what I mean? Unless you are a trilinguist you probably don't have a clue and that's why you need the help of foreign language speakers. 

By Rachael Jones, international PR intern at Stone Junction

Stereotypically, Britain is terrible at languages and plagued with the misconception that "everybody speaks English anyway". This is actually very far from the truth. According to The Guardian only 38 per cent of foreign language speakers in the EU speak English. Our nation’s language deficit limits our competitiveness, influence and standing in the global economy. For this reason businesses are now looking for employees with language skills to battle the restrictions created by permeable language barriers.

The need for foreign languages is currently strengthened by Britain's upcoming exit from the European Union. We are experiencing a defining time for trade relations within Europe causing a demand for foreign language speakers in businesses. Here's what these language speakers can add to a company.

Knowledge of the language
Foreign language speakers can communicate seamlessly with others using different languages, which opens up opportunities that would otherwise not be available. Linguists and native speakers know the clearest, most effective way to deliver a message so that it will have the desired effect. For example, this week at Stone Junction I've learnt how I can use my translation skills to introduce a concept to European journalists.

Understanding of the culture
When learning a language, it's essential to also develop an understanding of the culture. Many linguists have lived abroad and experienced different cultures. Therefore, people who know a language can also tell us about local traditions and customs. At Stone Junction, our linguists provide different perspectives on international projects so that we target the right audience in the right way.

And much more
 As a multilingual agency we may be biased, but we think that language learning adds lots of valuable qualities to someone. By learning a language, an employee proves they are both open-minded and dedicated. The immersive environment in which I've learnt German and Spanish in Sixth Form requires me to learn on the job through practicing and improving the language. This reflects how linguists are able to adapt and thrive even when put in new and different environments, such as during my placement at Stone Junction.

So, if the few foreign language words at the start of this article confused you, imagine how confusing it would be to try and build your reputation abroad without the help of multilingual international experts.

At Stone Junction we speak eight languages between us and we have a number of clients who have international campaigns. For us, they are pan comido aka a piece of cake! So if you need help with languages for your business, or are thinking of developing your business overseas, give us a call on 01785 225416 or check out our international PR page.

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