A lank, rangy cowboy is standing in the centre of a typical Wild West street, hand on hips, facing down his nemesis. The fate of the town stands on the outcome of this shootout. He tosses the edge of his poncho over his shoulder, spits out his chewing tobacco and casts one last, meaningful, look across at his black clad enemy. A pair of six shooters on his hips, he wonders to himself which one he should draw – right or left? They both reach for their guns and the cowboy is the fastest with his trigger finger. But his pistol makes an impotent clicking sound and the black clad villain shoots him dead. The cowboy had only loaded one of his revolvers.

I imagine that, as an industrial marketeer, you don’t get involved in many shootouts. But you probably do forget to load all of your guns fairly regularly.

When you issue a press release to the media, do you also remember to post it to your social media circle? Do you upload it to your Web site and optimise it adequately? Do you re-use the content as e-mail newsletter material at a later date? Do you share the resultant clippings with your sales team, so that they can make the best of the collateral on the road? Do you share the clippings via your internal communications systems (and I have seen sticking a black and white photocopy on the canteen notice board work as effective as a flashy intranet in this context)? Do you even put the clippings in a folder in your lobby?

Do you always remember to load every gun available to you? It’s the best way to ensure you are making the most of your spend. And, while we are on the subject, there is an interesting post on stateside PR firm Bianchi Public Relations Inc’s Blog, about which available channels can help you reach the media effectively. There’s some good advice there on addressing the press via both traditional and new communications methods.

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