I've recently come across a series of interesting blog posts on SEO that I thought might interest the technical PR fans amongst you. They come courtesy of BMON, a UK-based consultancy that specialises in providing Google AdWords management for industrial and scientific companies. 

SEO, or search engine optimisation, probably sounds like a very complicated task which should be left to the ‘experts’, but BMON has come up with simplified DIY SEO tips which are summarised below.

To read the full posts on BMON’s blog simply click on the titles.

DIY SEO Part 1: Understanding what you've got on your website
Get good analytics tools, a tool that allows you to comprehensively edit your website and develop a good overview of your site information and page lists. There are various free tools that can help you achieve this, to read further click here.

- DIY SEO Part 2: Assigning search terms to pages
Next is to get your website to perform successfully in Google for specific searches by doing a ‘keyword research’ and allocating a search term to a page on your site. The full post can be found here.

DIY SEO Part 3: Focusing pages on specific search terms
According to BMON, linking search terms to page titles and their description, is a great first step towards on page optimisation. To find out more click here

- DIY SEO Part 4: Proving the relevance of your page to Google
Setting up links from other reliable sites to your own and a comprehensive internal link structure within your site would make your website more relevant to Google and therefore more likely to do well in search results. The concluding part of this series can be found here.

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