I’m often asked by technical PR clients whether ‘anyone in our community actually uses Twitter’ and if anyone is listening to our posts. Well, the only real way of assessing this is to see if you get traffic driven to your site by Twitter, whether people interact with you on Twitter and whether these interactions ever turn into anything useful.

However, people also like to score things and use that score as a measurement metric. So I thought you might like to be introduced to one of the better measurement metrics that can be applied to Twitter; TweetLevel. One thing to remember though is that any tool that measures Twitter ‘influence’ is very likely to use the number of followers you have as one of its metrics. Even the authors of TweetLevel recognise that the number of followers you have is difficult metric to incorporate into a real measurement tool.

You see, you may have a thousand followers who you engage with and who retweet your content and engage with you. However, if only ten of those followers are genuinely relevant it reduces the value of every action in reality. However, a tool like TweetLevel can’t measure how important an individual follower is to you. So, the measurement isn’t entirely perfect but it is a measurement and you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

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