Did you know that you can make your Blog or Web site into a source for Google News? It’s not easy, but it is possible. Of course, Stone Junction’s technical PR clients can have this done as part of their campaign, which takes the hassle away. (Stop bothering everyone with marketing spiel – Ed.)

The first thing to do is to physically add the site to Google News, which you can do here. Please note: this is not the same thing as just submitting the site to Google for indexing. If you want to appear in Google News, you will have to do this as well.

In order to submit, you require three things. The first is a ‘contact us’ page, which if your site is a Blog you may have to add. The second is an ‘about the authors’ page, which you will almost definitely have to add. Finally, you need a page that is regularly updated with news (which should ideally contain a list of links to old stories as well). This is the page you submit to Google for indexing. If you have multiple pages, such as a news page, a newsletter page and a case studies page you can submit them all at once as part of the same process.

Bear in mind that the following three guidelines apply to the content:

- It should be original to the content provider (you)
- It shouldn’t solely promote the provider's own activities
- It should be written, produced, and maintained by a clear organization, one that has multiple writers and editors

I think the first criteria is a no brainer – if you aren’t producing original content, there is no real benefit in running a Blog or news section on your Web site. With regard to the second, if your Blogging or PR campaign is being well managed, you should have produced some non bias opinion pieces, Blog posts or technical articles that will help you meet this criteria. And, to help meet the third of these three guidelines, it is well worth ensuring that you list everyone involved in news production at your organisation when you submit your ‘about the authors’ section.

When you have made your submission, you may receive an e-mail asking you to demonstrate that the above three criteria are met. It’s worth spending time on a compelling response to this e-mail. Naturally, it is also worth spending time on ensuring your news source is itself compelling in the first instance. If not, submitting it isn’t going to be just difficult, it will be impossible.

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