From cooking fudge with the kids to checking the oil level of your car, there will always be a how to video on YouTube, taking you through each step. With Google Glass on the horizon, educational videos are set to become an even more important tactic for marketing strategies than ever before. 

By Oana Baetica

The first rule of a successful how to video is (drum roll)… simplicity! More often than not, videos that explain simple concepts and take the viewer through a few easy steps are the most popular. How to tie a tie has 16 million views on YouTube. How to sew a button has more than half a million. Chances are you’ll be able to find a video that answers any domestic question you might have.

However, if you're in the automation business, your audience will look for a certain type of how to instructional video. The good news is that in an industrial environment the competition is not as high as it is for, say, 'how to bake cookies'. Furthermore, if you're an engineering company, chances are clients and journalists will try to find out how your products work, which makes how to videos particularly useful.

Apart from proven SEO benefits, video case studies answering how questions are a brilliant way to diversify communication channels and gain credibility as a company. Imagine sending a journalist a thousand word application story about a recent project you've completed for a client. The journalist may skim through it and decide within a couple of minutes if it's worth publishing or not. Yet, if the same e-mail also contained a link to a short YouTube video about the installation and showing sound bites from the project manager and the happy customer, your audience can see things just got real.

The journalist can see in a matter of seconds that the story is worth covering, that the application actually exists in real life, and that your customers were pleased with it and happy to take part in the video testimonial.

So before I go, I thought I'd leave you with a great example of a video case study. Here, UK-based availability specialist Polestar has implemented a business continuity plan for one of the world's leading brewers - Carlsberg. Less than five minute long, the video is informative, simple and answers all the who, what, where, when, why and, most importantly - how questions. You can have a look here. Easy, right?

Image courtesy of  David Castillo Dominici on

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