Forrester, that font of cutting edge market knowledge has this week decreed that manufacturers actually do use social media as part of their marketing mix. What’s more, they think that more manufacturers will begin doing so as time goes on. Forrester, the world of technical PR salutes you!

Incredible. You can read the report here

Anyway, the Forrester report has prompted an interesting Blog post over on The B2B Guide to Social Media, which is worth a read. It outlines the use of three key social media platforms for the engineering sector; YouTube, LinkedIn and blogging.

Readers of this Blog will know that we have been championing the use of all three for well over half a decade now. For us blogging in particular can be an incredibly powerful tool, quite apart from its function in PR. 

So, if you feel like making a Friday enquiry, give us a call and we can explain how we can help you set up, run and create content for a Blog. Or, we can do the whole lot for you. 

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