Five billion videos are viewed on YouTube every day. While most of these are probably funny cat videos and DIY tutorials, B2B marketers can find a place in this landscape to put video to good use and influence your potential customers. So whether you’re a broadcast beginner or already know your drones from your dollies, here are some tips on using video in B2B marketing as a force of influence.  
By Molly Gould, Senior account executive
Picture this: your customer, Belinda, is entering the buying cycle. She has a problem thatyour business can solve but isn’t sure what sets you apart from your competitors. So, how will you win a place in Belinda’s heart and mind?
Here’s how…
The first stage is awareness, where it is crucial that Belinda is educated on what you offer as a business. You are simply communicating who you are and what you offer. This is a chance to set your brand up how you want to be perceived in terms of voice and vision. Good topics to go with are FAQs, how to videos and sources of inspiration, each of which speak to the viewer’s wants and needs.
The fact there are no sales ploys at this stage means they are great for sharing on social media to drive new traffic to your website and to build brand awareness.
Belinda is at this point aware of your work and happens to have a problem in her life that you could solve, but she needs to consider your business as an option.
Here are where ‘explainer’ videos come in to communicate the value of what you offer succinctly and smoothly. Remember that you are one of a few options at this stage, so you need to stand out and not only tell the story of your product or service, but how it benefits your customer’s future. By doing this, you’re building a connection with Belinda, building trust and making a lasting impression with the content of your videos.
Decision time
The contemplating and considering is over. Belinda is ready to make her decision and it is time to get into the details of how you are going to solve that problem. Videos with testimonials, webinars and product walkthroughs are ideal at this stage of the buying journey. It is all about eliminating any doubt and reaffirming the trust you have already established in your product and brand. Belinda is a believer and will subsequently choose your business and its services.
By implementing these video tactics, you position your brand in a better light than competitors who leave video out of their PR and marketing strategy. According to Media Point, video can increase purchase intent by up to 97 per cent, so when executed correctly it can be incredibly powerful.
So if you need help with your storyboarding or are struggling to know your long shots from your establishing shots, get in touch with the Stone Junction team on +44 (0) 1785 225416 or email me at
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