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Trade media in different countries is set up differently, and there are a few nuances that are important to know about before you embark on a successful international PR campaign. Europe is a prime example of this. Neighbouring countries, while physically close, have vastly different cultures and processes.
By Duncan Singer, account executive and international PR specialist at Stone Junction
Take the power sector as an example. Regardless of the location, subject relevancy should always be the first priority. Oil production magazines are not fussed with molten salt energy storage and similarly, photovoltaic cells (PV) design magazines are not interested in statistical improvements to oil refinery separators. While both technologies are fascinating to outsiders, the topic has to be relevant to the publication. Then you can start to consider the country-specific needs.
Great Britain
The UK is a great region for trade media with a range of specific magazines that can help you zoom in on your specific client base. Power Engineering International is one such magazine for power, covering the British region with a circulation of 12,000 electric and power generation engineers.
British power media has a rich tapestry of specialised magazines that can help you make sure your press material is used in the right sector. For example, if you are promoting a liquid fuel, not only is there the power media but also a strong chemical engineering media such as The Chemical Engineer.
Much like the British trade media, German media is very specialised and well distributed. The main difference is Germany’s more regionalised structures. As such, it is important to make sure that the magazines you reach out to are distributed to the correct area as well as the correct sector.
A clear example of this is Energie Agentur, based in the North Rhine-Westphalia. While this magazine covers national stories, it prefers to cover stories in its specific region. Another important note for German media is while some countries may accept articles in English, Germany will only accept articles in German. 
Italian trade media can be described as the polar opposite to Germany. A large part of the media is concentrated and consolidated around the northern industrial triangle of Milan, Turin and Genoa. The journals are also more general, covering a variety of topics.
A good example of an Italian power magazine is Qualenergia. It covers all matters regarding the energy sector within the country, with a specific interest for renewables.
French power trade media is well developed, similar to the British and German trade media, with a strong group of online platforms. These online platforms prefer shorter content such as blog posts and press releases over opinion pieces and other long-form media.
Some good examples of French online platforms are Électro-magazine andElectroniques Composants & Instrumentation
Spanish trade media is more in the mould of Italian trade media with even fewer publication covering a large variety of sectors. With regards to the energy sector itself, there is a lot of development of renewable energy, especially solar, on the southern coast. As such, more journals will be up to date with the most recent solar developments.
Europe is a diverse region with media that diverges greatly between nations. Being able to understand the ins and outs of each country’s media for your specific industry is key to creating and launching a pan-European or international campaign. For more information, or to start planning your campaign, call us at +44 (0)1785 225416 or email me atduncan@stonejunction.co.uk 
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