With over 330 million users, Twitter is the perfect place for businesses to communicate with current and potential customers around the globe. To make the most of the platform’s large user base, you shouldn’t assume that you can reach your entire audience with a single approach.

By Alison Gardner, account executive and international PR specialist.

Twitter is a fantastic way to interact with your global audience. To get the best of the platform, international businesses need to use it strategically to target the right people with the right content.
One is not enough

It is possible to post updates in multiple languages on the same feed. The problem here is that chopping and changing between languages will confuse your followers and discourage them from interacting fully with your feed. Time zone differences may also mean your content has dropped too far down an international user’s feed by the time they check Twitter.

It is better to target each country individually, posting in their language at an appropriate time. Rather than confusing your main Twitter account, creating separate accounts for different areas makes it easier to engage with your entire target audience. It also makes it easier to manage the accounts and ensure each country receives the attention it deserves.

Hitting the mark

When creating PR content, the simplest approach is to write in your native language and have the same content translated This is not always the best way to build relationships with your international follower base.

Electronic translation services may be inaccurate and can cause issues for your international campaign. In one example, Chinese consumers were asked to eat their fingers off, a mistranslation of KFC’s slogan Finger Lickin’ Good.

As well as inaccuracy, you should take the time to think what will work in each language and what international consumers are interested in. Hashtags might make sense in English but not in other languages, so you should take the time to tailor each post to your audience.

No matter your audience, tailoring what you say to where you say it is vital for a successful international social media campaign.

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