Like many of you I've been delighted to find that my Blackberry isn’t working this week. I’ve not been bothered by pesky e-mails whilst relaxing in the evening and I haven’t had to delete mountains of messages from people organising riots via Blackberry Messenger. It’s been wonderful.

Inexplicably though, quite a few people are seeing Blackberry’s Internet access outage is a problem. On GMTV this morning, floppy haired consumer PR guru Mark Borkowski claimed that he has thrown his phone against the wall in frustration. Alan Sugar is said to be very irritated on Twitter indeed. 

Meanwhile, Rory Cellan-Jones is livid on the BBC and everyone is blaming the PR folk at RIM, the manufacturers of the Blackberry handset, for putting out a confusing press release with long words to do with telecoms in it. Apparently they had the nerve, the nerve I tell you, the attribute the problem to ‘core switch failure’. 

“What a bunch of PR losers,” shouts everyone that the BBC will give air time to. “We don’t want to know the actual reason for the problem! We want you to explain to us in itty-bitty-ickle words, that we can understand, that the shiny phone is boken! Don’t pollute our ears with news of ‘infrastructure’, ‘failover’ and ‘back-up switches’. We just do not care!”

The lesson for us folk involved in technology and technical PR is that non-technical audiences need entirely non-technical language. Just being a bit non-technical isn’t quite good enough. Even the lawyers, who are probably in charge of what Blackberry is saying at the moment, can appreciate that. 

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