Today I read a blog post written by Gareth Case, a blogger on the B2B Marketing site. The post talked about e-mail marketing and stated some of the key issues professionals can face when it comes to the dreaded inbox.  

We've all been there, right? Returning from that nice, hot, relaxing holiday in the sun, walking back into the office, ready for work until… BAM! - ‘1,000 unread mail messages’. Not the nicest welcome back you could’ve received is it?

Without even looking, you can guarantee that at least 60% of those e-mails are going to be spam and will take up an unknown amount of time to decipher.

This is where Case makes his point - ‘Of the 300 odd slices of spam, about 60% had personalised the email with my name. About 10% of them had my name spelt incorrectly, left blank where the data merge had failed and one even said ‘Dear Do Not Email’’.

He goes on to tell us that e-mail is on its way out of the business environment and will be closely replaced with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

I believe that Case’s point is very much valid in terms of poor e-mail marketing campaigns. If it is not done correctly and to a high enough standard then this will have a negative impact on, not only the campaign, but also the company.

Case states that the use of marketing on a social network can make the audience feel more special. I’d have to agree with that point.

A common issue that businesses face is that they can’t afford to take the time out of their day to make the most out of their social media accounts. I say that businesses can’t afford not to be making the most of them. And if you don’t have time yourself, why not call in the social media experts?

You can read the full blog post on the B2B Marketing site here.

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