When the economic odds are stacked up against you, there are really only two options. The first is to retrench; cut costs wherever you can and simply outlive the negative economic environment. The second is to come out fighting, to communicate the benefits you offer and to win as much sustainable business as possible. I’m offering you the chance to do the latter – by requesting a complementary initial PR consultation now.

The PR services offered by Stone Junction represent a way of talking to your customers through a media that they trust. Your customers all read the trade press, the local press and the national media and they are all influenced by them. In a slow economic environment, people with purchasing authority turn to authoritative sources like these to help with decision making. If you aren’t in the media, your ability to influence those decisions is reduced.

Early this year there were signs in the press that engineering was going to be the industry least touched by the slowdown. However, since then there has been a lot of talk about recession, stagflation, rising costs and businesses reporting a slower rate of sales.

The fact remains that there hasn’t been a recession just yet. There hasn’t yet been a single quarter of negative growth, let alone the two consecutive quarters required for us to be in recession. In plain English, the economy has grown for the last six months but it hasn’t grown enough to satisfy us – hence all the talk of the economic slowdown.

So, if the current rate of growth in your business isn’t enough to satisfy you, it’s time to come out fighting. You need to make your public aware of what you have to offer, you have to reinforce in their minds your status as a thought leader and you have to positively position yourselves against your competition. An economic slowdown is a time for action, so contact Stone Junction now on 0208 699 7743 or e-mail

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