Remember MySpace? You might think that nobody uses it anymore but in fact, it’s still used as a networking site for bands and musicians. Marketers must be wise to the constantly changing social media habits of their target audience to ensure that they are putting their content in the right places. 

By Ellie Clifford, account executive. 

Last week, data was published about the social media habits of US teenagers. The data came from a Pew Research Center survey of 750 US teenagers. The startling outcome was that Facebook, widely considered the most popular social media platform, is being ditched in favour of YouTube and Instagram. Just 51 per cent of the respondents use Facebook — a 20 per cent drop since 2015 — and 85% per cent prefer YouTube.

Although B2B businesses in the technology and manufacturing sectors probably don’t want to target their social media activity at teenagers, this data demonstrates the dynamic nature of social media habits.

Why the change?
What people want from social media is always changing. Social media first started out as a means for instant messaging and link and file sharing with close family and friends. Nowadays, we also use social media to maintain connections with old friends, communicate with people we’ve never met but have common interests with and even to interact with celebrities.

The way people access social media also changes regularly. Unlike 20 years ago, most people now own smartphones. Pew Research Center found that 95 per cent of Americans own a mobile phone. Because of this, marketers are getting used to targeting their social media activity at mobile phone users, but is this set to change?

Simon Cowell has gone ten months so far without his mobile phone and says it has worked wonders for his mental health. Elton John, Tyra Banks and Sarah Jessica Parker have made similar claims. If ditching the mobile phone is to be the next trend, marketers will have to switch their focus to other platforms popular with their audience.

As well as changes in user requirements, social media habits adapt due to app upgrades. For example, Snapchat’s upgrade earlier this year triggered widespread complaints and many people deleted the app.

Stay on top of social media
To ensure your marketing strategy remains in line with social media habits, follow technology news. It’s also advisable to look at the social media activity of key influencers in your field. For example, if you’re targeting software engineers and programmers, look at Bill Gates — currently active daily on Twitter and Facebook. It’s likely that his fan base takes inspiration from him so is also active on these platforms.

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