Many of us know the benefits of using social media,especially for businesses looking to reach and engage with its audience directly. Here, Sara-Anne Mills-Bricknell, senior account executive at technical PR agency Stone Junction, explains how abandoned social media pages can actually prove costly to a business and its reputation, among prospective customers.
The moment I see that a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page hasn’t shared an image or update for months, or even years, it leaves me asking questions – most of them negative. 
For any business, even in the engineering and manufacturing sector, it’s hard to believe that there has been nothing of interest, both in the industry or at the company itself, which could have been shared.  So, when we see an inactive account, it should be no surprise that many of us jump straight to the question; does this business even still exist?
While those of us working in PR and marketing will argue thousands of reasons why your company should be using social media, those same individuals also know how hindering it can be to have a channel that doesn’t appear active.
This is because when socially active potential customers or followers encounter an abandoned or poorly managed page, littered with a jumble of unorganised historic posts, they get a first impression that’s nearly impossible to recover from.
Similarly, having duplicate company pages on Facebook and LinkedIn, or multiple accounts on Twitter and Instagram, can confuse customers.
In many cases, those prospects and potential sales opportunities are going to turn away and not come back. This is especially true with millennials, who recently surpassed baby boomers as the most populous generation on the planet and will soon become the most dominant in terms of spending power.
When managing your company’s presence online, you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find and interact with you. If you can concentrate your efforts to one page, then you will usually find it easier to increase engagement.
At Stone Junction, we can review your social media channels and compare them to other competing organisations in your sector to see how you measure up. Alternatively, if you're an engineering comapany that isn't using social media at the moment, we can help you decide what social channels you should be targeting, as well as how to define and drive your marketing strategy with these platforms.
So, if you’re looking for a PR agency that can support you in sharing frequent and interesting content across social media, get in touch and I’d be happy to have a look at your social media platforms. Call me on +44 (0) 1785 225416 or e-mail sara-anne@stonejunction.co.uk
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