Ah, the British summer, a constant cycle of waiting for the rain to stop, complaining about the heat and retreating to Sainsbury’s freezer aisle for a moment of solace. Last week, us Brits laboured through the hottest day of the year. To answer the burning question on everyone’s mind, the well reputed source of information and national statistics, TheLADBible, ran a Facebook live video to examine which popular ice lolly would melt first. Naturally, the Solero didn’t fare well. 

We have the ability to test, measure and analyse just about anything, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we should. In content marketing, there are plenty of metrics on hand to determine how effective a strategy is, but which of these metrics really matter?

Laura England, account executive, Stone Junction.

1) Bounce rates 
In case you’re new to metrics, bounce rates monitor how many visitors leave a website after a single page view. Bounce rates may not seem all that important, but an unusually high rate speaks volumes about the quality of content on your website, as it’s clearly not holding the attention of the audience. Similarly, low bounce rates are a great indicator of successful content.

2) Interaction
Of all the online analytic options, it’s the simple stats that matter. By using content to spark debate, comment and discussion you can gain valuable insights on your existing and potential customers, that you can use to inform future content. 

Naturally, controversial and opinionated posts are bound to draw more readers, but it doesn’t have to be an aggressive view point to spark a conversation. At one point during TheLadBible’s video feed of melting ice lollies, more people were watching than you could fit into Wembley Stadium. Proving that sometimes, entertaining and quirky content can be just as effective as disruptive content.

3) Conversions
The ultimate objective of any marketing effort is to increase conversion rates and improve sales, but without a clear call to action (CTA) to encourage customers to get in touch, it is difficult to measure whether your content is actually helping to achieve this. 

If you are struggling to incorporate a good CTA into your content, or finding it difficult to produce interesting posts altogether, you might want to get in touch with the copywriting experts at Stone Junction. 

See what we did there?

PS – Because I know you’re desperate to find out, the Magnum won.
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