Last week, we told you all about domain authority. However, that’s not the only metric to consider when understanding how well a site is performing. 

Carla Mateus, account executive, Stone Junction. 

Let's take one a magazine sector we’re familiar with at Stone Junction — design engineering. Internationally, there is a rich tapestry of magazines in this field that publish content both in print and online. In fact, it can be a little overwhelming. Luckily for us, there is a whole host of metrics to assess the value of these websites, including domain authority, global rank and monthly visits.

Domain authority
Domain authority predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages. As mentioned in last week’s post, there are many factors that affect this metric, including loading time, site issues and abundance of content.

For the engineering realm, one magazine stands out in terms of domain authority, and that is The Engineer. While it’s not a purely design engineering magazine, it is worth mentioning — its domain authority of 69 is hard to beat.

SimilarWeb global rank 
SimilarWeb ranks every single websites in the world, based on average visit duration, number of page visits and bounce rate. It’s a good metric in terms of rigour, as any website that makes it in the top half a million websites worldwide is outstanding.

Design Products & Applications has a global rank of 1,596,236. Considering the niche industry sector we are exploring, it’s an impressive figure. Global ranking isn’t the be-all-and-end-all, but it’s another metric you can use to measure the value of your media coverage.

Monthly visits
Surely, the only figure that really matters is the number of visits a website gets? It’s probably the simplest and purest of all web metrics, but remember, not all visitors will come from a search engine.

Interestingly, Design Products & Applications has a lower domain authority compared with other design engineering publications, like Design Solutionsand Eureka. Despite this, according to SimilarWeb, it experiences the most visits out of the three at a rate of 43,400 visitors every month.

This shows that these three publications are all great in their own right and one web metric isn't going to define a whole industry sector.

There’s a lot to consider when estimating how valuable an online publication is. Thankfully, we now have an entire toolbox of metrics to help us estimate the true value of a website.

At Stone Junction, we consider a plethora of metrics and analysis when reporting online media coverage to our clients — including domain authority, global ranking and monthly visits.  To find out more about how we generate media coverage in these niche industry sectors, speak to the team on 01785 225416.

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