After negative discrimination, negative growth and many other ‘negatives’ our society has come up with in the last few years, here’s one I bet you weren't even aware it exists; negative SEO. However, this is one that stands to affect your business in a, well, negative way.

Chris Rand’s recent blog talks about the cut-throat tactics of some unscrupulous search engine optimisation consultants and warns against the possible effects on your website.

Subscribe to Insights into PR and online marketingCompanies who engage in negative SEO hope to get rid of the competition by pushing their websites to the bottom of the search results. It’s a bit of a cuckoo chick approach, but it’s worth being aware of.

Put simply, negative SEO is any type of malicious action that aims to downgrade a competitor’s website in Google searches. One telltale sign is an inexplicable increase in low-quality links from a variety of root domains linking back to your website. In order for the attack to be substantial, there has to be a great number of such links. Nevertheless it’s worth looking out for the pattern on your own site.

The good news is that negative SEO is rare (at the moment) and its effects are temporary. The most vulnerable sites are new ones or those populated with low quality content and link farms.

If your engineering company is in need of some positive SEO advice and good quality technical copy for your website, get in touch with Stone Junction, to see how we can help!

Alternatively, take a quick look at this video, from SEOMoz:

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