If you do only one thing this month as a result of reading this Blog, this is the thing I recommend that you do: create a Google profile and update your contact list and social media links to it.

But, I hear you cry, who needs yet another social networking profile? I've already got TwitterBook, LinkedAble and FaceDigg!

Well, a Google profile is different. For now it's not about networking, although I'm sure those clever people at Google will dominate that area of the Internet eventually as well. It's about search and being found by potential customers.

You see, Google's much vaunted social search rests on a foundation of Google profiles. From now on you will see a gradual change in Universal search content. People in your social circle, as determined by Google, will now figure on the first page of Google if they have produced content relevant to your search.

As a result, when a potential customer types a search term into Google, they will be more likely to see content produced by their contacts. For the moment, this will be at the bottom of the page, but eventually I believe it will mingle in with the other search results. Thus connecting with people online in an organised way has never been more important. And how do you tell Google who you are connected to? By using your Google profile. You can find this process described on the official Google page here.

PS – All of this only applies if you are signed in to your Google account. If you are signed out and you search for something, you will still get the good old fashioned results.

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