Stone Junction is looking for an apprentice. 

An apprentice you say? In the fast moving and glamorous world of technical PR? I thought the only way to enter such an exciting industry would be to study for many years at University and then graduate, via a series of high profile and champagne fuelled celebrity lunches, to full account executive status?

Well, I can understand why you might think that, but no. Earlier this year the PRCA (Public Relations Consultants Association) and Pearson in Practice launched a PR industry specific apprenticeship scheme.

The launch couldn't have come at a better time, given the unpaid internship scandals that have rocked the PR industry and the high cost of going to University.

The right candidate will work full time for Stone Junction as a salaried member of staff with genuine prospects. They will spend four days a week at our enchanting Stafford offices and the fifth day will be spent in Birmingham, studying for a PRCA accredited qualification in public relations. After twelve to eighteen months they will have completed a course equivalent to the first year of a degree in PR.   

So, if you are in the Stafford area and interested in applying for the role, you can fill out the PR apprenticeship application form here, on the Pearson in Practice web site. We look forward to meeting you.

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