As you might have already heard, the world and his dog are obsessed with QR codes and have been for a while. Here at Stone Junction Towers, we haven’t really dipped our toes into the QR water much yet. 

But an interesting chat with one of our clients yesterday got us all excited and enthused about them. So we’ve been playing around this morning and our official decision is we think they are very cool and très useful.

But what could they be used for in B2B marketing? 

• How about a code promoting your next event? Offline, it could lead directly to a web page and online it could contain a set of notes about the event itself that would be passed straight to the user’s Smartphone. 

• What about a QR code promoting a particular product or service? The character limit means you can’t say too much in a QR code, but sometimes less is more.

• You could try a QR code for each piece of literature you produce? It could lead to a downloadable version of the document, perhaps? 

• And of course, you could always just stick them on the back of your business cards! 

By the way, if you aren’t one of the people who are already up to date on this old, but recently reinvigorated, piece of technology you can find out more about it here. 

So, onto the media moves:

Sustain magazine is now owned by Manchester-based Media Sales Network, following the sale of the brand, associated publications and awards programmes on Friday June 17. 

Dennis Publishing’s Cloud Pro has appointed Jennifer Scott as deputy editor. Scott was previously acting news editor at IT Pro. 

John Osborne has left his role as Senior Staff Writer at Networking+ to pursue a freelance career. Best of luck John!

Andrew Hoyle has taken on the job of writer for CNET UK, after some time on the title in a temporary role. 

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