With the manufacturing agenda overcoming the boundaries of the technical debate and penetrating the world of politics, everyone seems to be watching the UK industry. Today’s blog post is about Peter Marsh’s recent book which discusses manufacturing, emerging economies and the fundamental changes which have occurred in the balance of wealth - a title for your holiday reading list. 

Much of the current interest in manufacturing worldwide has been prompted by the global financial crisis in the last four years. The events led to a serious global recession which affected not just the main rich nations, but many emerging economies too. 

And as a technical and engineering PR agency, we understand the importance of seeing all sides of the coin when it comes to British manufacturing, so we do quite a bit of reading on the subject! Peter Marsh, the manufacturing editor at the Financial Times proposes a new interpretation of the current economic ituation in his book titled The New Industrial Revolution: Consumers, Globalization and the End of Mass Production.

He comes to the conclusion that the world is going through a new period of change – a New Industrial Revolution – that will have immense ramifications to economies worldwide.

The book is definitely well worth a read in our opinion, given the fact that Marsh is an authority in the field. If you already have browsed through it though, tell us whether you agree with the New Industrial Revolution’s thesis. We are always happy to have a chat about books (two of us even have literature degrees)…so do let us know what you think!

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