By Ashleigh McLeod

This blog post was prompted by recent conversations with Andrew Quenault – Publisher of Design Products & Applications. It became evident to me that it’s increasingly hard for companies to get coverage in print media.

Whilst seeing your material published may increase pride in your company, the biggest benefit is the quality of customers that then follow it. Beneath are five good reasons why a sound Technical PR campaign is important if you want your company to acquire credible exposure.

1. PR agencies get first pick
“In the last three issues of Design Products & Applications only two of the companies editorially featured did not have PR companies working for them. So out of 37 items, 35 were placed by public relations specialists. This shows the importance of getting the right help and why you can’t leave your promotion to chance,” explained Quenault.

By Quenault’s admittance, DP&A magazine actually takes on average 94% of all editorial content from PR companies. This means that the standard of copy needs to be very high in order to be considered and in the past only PR agencies have been able to provide the standard that the media are looking for.

2. Pitching articles to journalists is now harder than ever
“These days securing print space with editorial is getting harder and harder. On average, only 1 in 76 submissions makes it to print,” continued Quenault.

Here at Stone Junction we understand this extremely competitive environment and we are well equipped to cope with the challenges imposed by the trade press. Being used to this sort of competition is an advantage that often puts us ahead of others.

3. Coverage statistics are progressively changing 
“Surprisingly, 20 years ago business could survive without marketing budgets. The reason for this is that magazines used to be a lot thicker back then and there were less contributed copy competing for that space,” explained Quenault.

Today lots of print magazines have either closed or moved to online formats. This means that there’s considerably less space for contributed articles. Over the last 20 years we’ve seen a change in the free verses paid for copy ratio.

4. Effective writing skills put you ahead of others 
Andrew also mentioned that some of the copy received is immediately discarded. This made me believe that some of this material is poorly written or just not news worthy. Since I started working with Boris Sedacca, a former editor, I’ve gained an even greater appreciation of the written word.

5. Stone Junction is a favourite with journalists
“Don't get me started on which PR companies secure the most coverage in DP&A - Stone Junction is certainly up there” concluded Quenault.

I think this one speaks for itself, but if you would like to see some of the coverage we have generated in DP&A and other magazines, get in touch.

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