Writing about technical PR and marketing seems surreal at a moment in history like the one we are currently facing. As people, families, businesses, economies and countries choose how to behave during this crisis, PR communications | Crisis communications | Crisis advice marketing seems less important. 

But I’m reminded of a quote on the wall of my office that says, “It’s what you read when you don’t have to, that determines what you will be when you can’t help it”. 

I think we are all now in a situation where we can’t help but be that person. 

So, I thought that, rather than pontificating about PR, I would tell you what kind of person would make me feel comfortable, secure and safe in these times of need. 


Knowledgeable and credible
Right now, if I were choosing a leader to look to, I would want someone who makes credible decisions based on the best information available. We are facing a hard road ahead, but we will come through stronger at the end of that road if we stick together and support each other. 

So, let’s make our decisions based on those certainties. 


Passion + character 

We have a responsibility as businesses to help the Government’s efforts to stop the spread of Coronavirus and we have a responsibility to help the Government’s efforts to keep the economy strong. 

Because of this, now is a time when strength of character will have a real impact. As marketers, we do have a strong influence at board level and if we can use that influence to encourage our colleagues to market and trade their way through COVID-19, and the inevitable recession, we will be supporting the economy in the best way.

Clearly, the only environs under which that should be attempted are ones in which we can keep our people safe, abiding by the letter of Boris Johnson’s recommendations.


Want to read more? Of course, you do! Follow this link to Connectivity Magazine to read the full article. 

Richard Stone is the founder of Stone Junction, a specialist technical PR agency delivering international and digital PR and marketing services for scientific, engineering and technology companies. He believes that PR and marketing changes the world, that it builds Governments, raises businesses and elects Presidents. He also believes that it will help us through this difficult time. If you do as well, or even if you don’t, email him on After all, everyone needs someone to talk to when they are on lockdown. 

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