Twitter envy. It’s not a nice subject, most of us wouldn’t bring it up in polite conversation, but it’s out there. You’re on Twitter, updating your status as part of your technical PR campaign, and you happen across someone else’s profile. They have a gorgeous background, beautifully chosen colour palettes and well, damn it, their page just looks better than yours! It’s no wonder they have so many followers. Twitter envy has struck!

But it’s easy to put an end to these less than palatable feelings while simultaneously matching your Twitter profile content to your corporate colours and, if you want to, modifying your background to display your logo or some other relevant visual content.

Themeleon is a free tool available from Colour Lovers that allows you to modify your theme in seconds; all you need to hand are the colour settings from your logo and an image to use as your background. You can also choose a plain or patterned background using your corporate colours.

Of course, the question remains whether Twitter is actually any use in a B2B marketing context. For now, I would argue that it can be useful, providing its part of a consistent and well planned PR campaign that incorporates a number of social media platforms as well as traditional forms of outreach. It’s not a great deal of use if you just sign up and hope Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Google are going to place orders with you for all the widgets you can make.

However, I genuinely believe that those companies not buying into social media now will find they’ve missed the boat in a few years time. Similarly, all those companies who said they didn’t need Web sites in the nineties regretted the decision by the time we entered the last decade. The key is to embrace the most appropriate platforms for your business intelligently and with on-target messaging. If you do that, you’ll find that Twitter envy is a feeling you can leave to others.

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