Did you know that every 24 seconds someone types in the domain name by mistake? That’s around 3600 people per day. Well, Steve Crawford the webmaster that owns the domain does. What’s more he has a serious problem with it.

Steve says that Twitter is spamming him, albeit in a roundabout and unintentional kind of way. When new users register with Twitter they have to enter an email address, but Twitter doesn't ask users to confirm the address. As a result, lots of people, with very little imagination, make up an address. And the address they make up is often or at The ones who use all end up in Steve’s inbox!

“So here's the bottom line: are sending me emails which I did not request or agree to receive (ie SPAM) and do not provide me with a means to "opt out" of receiving them. As I understand it, they are breaking both UK and US anti-spam laws. I have contacted to try to resolve the problem but they have not responded to any of my emails. (If anyone is interested in looking this up, they have given me Ticket #100140 but I haven't managed to communicate with a real person there yet.),” explains Steve on his Web site.

But how is our disillusioned owner facing up to the problem? Firstly, he’s written to Twitter on countless occasions asking for their help and getting none. Secondly, he’s offering paid for advertising on the site (in exchange for donations to charities of his choice) and finally he’s offering free advertising to people who are themselves raising money for charity.

So if you have a charity to promote, or just want to donate via Steve’s site in exchange for an ad, head over to 3600 people a day can’t be wrong!

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